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Yin & Yang Tea Bundle / Gift Set 鴛鴦綠茶普洱散茶套裝 / 禮盒裝

Yin & Yang Tea Bundle / Gift Set 鴛鴦綠茶普洱散茶套裝 / 禮盒裝

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Pekoe&Petals' Yin & Yang Gift Set combines a refreshing green tea and a grounding aged, ripe pu'er tea, presented. It makes a great gift for tea lovers who sometimes yearn for a cooling tea with lots of antioxidants but prefer a warming, mellow and sweet aged pu'er at other times.

The set includes:

Jade Jewel Green Tea -- This unique green tea is as special as jade jewels. You’re first greeted by a clean and refreshing aroma, followed by a surprising and lasting sweet fragrance of cooked corn. Its taste is sweet and mellow, yet with a whiff of coolness. A perfect sweet and light tea for warmer weather. 75g

Aged Menghai Ripe (Shu) Pu'er -- Comforting and grounding, this premium ripe (shu) pu’er is a classic from Menghai, Yunnan Province. Aged since 2005, it is richly smooth, with a velvety body and lingering sweet afternote. In addition to its calming effect, ripe pu’er also aids digestion. 75g

Each tea comes with its suggested brewing guide.

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