About Us

In the words of a Chinese philosopher, T’ien Yiheng,"Tea is drunk to forget the din of the world”.

It is the reviving brew that starts our day along with dimsum and a newspaper, and the comforting companion that brings us to a restful pause at day’s end. It is solitary and social, calming and restoring. Alone, a cup of tea steals time and wraps us in a reflective space.  Shared with a friend, it perfumes the air with fragrant clouds of happiness.

Pekoe&Petals is here to help you distill the world of tea.   For newcomers to the complex variety of types, tastes, and techniques, we will introduce you to teas that you will love and come back to time after time.  For tea connoisseurs who are passionate about quality, we will bring you teas that surprise, delight and impress.