• Appreciation of the Art & Science of Tea

    Embark on an educational tea workshop, diving into the our foundational Tea Tasting & Brewing Experience. Join our tea professional to explore tea's origins, flavors, brewing techniques, and health benefits. Engage in hands-on activities to brew a great cup of tea. Elevate your tea experience with us.

  • Theme-Based Workshops

    Join our immersive theme-based workshops, where education and the joy of tea come together. Delve deep into specific themes that intrigue you, including learning about the connection between Tea and Health, or unraveling the world of lesser-known varieties, uncovering their unique characteristics and flavors.

  • Private Events

    Gather your friends, family or colleagues for a tea-filled experience that promises both fun and learning. Guided by our tea professionals, sip and savor exquisite teas while soaking up knowledge about it. Let learning and laughter intertwine, and the enchantment of tea bring you closer together.