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White Tea Bundle / Gift Set 白茶套裝 / 禮盒裝

White Tea Bundle / Gift Set 白茶套裝 / 禮盒裝

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In this popular tea gift set, we present two of our beloved white teas. With all the amino acids from the buds in Silver Needle, you get an intense sweetness and high floral fragrance. Contrasting this with Shou Mei made with leaves from Dai Ba Ho, it has a woody yet sweet flavor. These individually packed teas are very convenient especially for traveling and also for office use. White tea is packed with antioxidants, making this a perfect gift for anyone looking for anti-aging tea.  

The set includes:

Bai Hao Yin Zhen / Silver Needle — Indulge in the elegance of Silver Needle White Tea. Crafted with the utmost care, this delicate tea is made of the youngest tea buds. Its light-colored and shimmering liquor boasts a unique floral aroma with a hint of honey, which tantalizes your senses and uplifts your spirit. Known for its subtle sweetness and velvety texture, Silver Needle White Tea is a true delight that melts in your mouth and leaves you with a long-lasting, satisfying aftertaste. Individually wrapped in 2g pieces, 8 pieces per can.

Shou Mei —This decade-old Shou Mei has mellowed gracefully over time, revealing a harmonious balance of woody undertones and a sweet after taste. Immerse in this soothing, grounding and timeless white tea and be transported to a world of serenity. Individually-wrapped pieces, 5g each, 10 pieces per can.

Each tea comes with its suggested brewing guide.

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