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Four Seasons Spring / Sijichun 四季春

Four Seasons Spring / Sijichun 四季春

Floral and Refreshing

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Awaken your senses with this powerfully floral Four Seasons Spring or Sijichun oolong from Taiwan. The dry leaves are dark green in color and tightly rolled. The translucent light yellow liquor shines. Brisk, refreshing, mellow with a slight sweet aftertaste, try cooling it for an even more intense floral note.

Region: Mingjian, Taiwan

Vintage: 2022

Ingredients: 100% Oolong Tea

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  • Traditional Style 

    (Using Gaiwan, Chinese teapot for shorter brews, repeated a few times)

    Tea / Water

    4 g per 100 ml of water

    0.2 oz per 5 fl oz of water

    Temperature: 95C / 203F

    Brew Time:

    Quick bloom before first brew

    1st Brew: 45 seconds
    2nd Brew: 40 seconds
    Subsequent Brews: 70-80 seconds

  • Modern Style

    (Using a mug or a bigger teapot for longer brews, repeated once or twice)

    Tea / Water

    2 g per 100 ml of water

    0.25 oz per 10 fl oz of water

    Temperature: 95C / 203F

    Brew Time:

    Quick bloom before first brew

    4 min