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Shou Mei / 壽眉

Shou Mei / 壽眉

Mellow, Woody, and Sweet

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This decade-old Shou Mei has mellowed gracefully over time, revealing a harmonious balance of woody undertones and a sweet after taste. Immerse in this soothing, grounding and timeless white tea and be transported to a world of serenity. Individually-wrapped pieces, 5g each, 10 pieces per can.

Region: Fujian Province, China

Vintage: 2013

Ingredients: 100% White Tea

Health Benefit: Anti-inflammatory



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  • Traditional Style 

    (Using Gaiwan, Chinese teapot for shorter brews, repeated a few times)

    Tea / Water

    Temperature: 100C / 212F

    Brew Time:

  • Modern Style

    (Using a mug or a bigger teapot for longer brews, repeated once or twice)

    Tea / Water

    5 g per 250 ml of water

    0.18 oz per 8 fl oz of water

    Temperature: 100C / 212F

    Brew Time:

    1st/2nd Brew: 2 minutes
    3rd/4th Brew: 3 minutes